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Upgrade your building with Zero Upfront investment

Unlock your buildings full energy potential with renewable energy generation and energy efficiency software

The current grid crisis
Rising energy costs
Costs have risen substantially over the past couple of years and show no signs of slowing down. Secure your business and lock in low electricity costs for the next 20 years.
More frequent blackouts
Extreme weather conditions and outdated infrastructure are making blackouts more frequent. Prepare for disasters with backup, self-generated power.

This is not a traditional solar project.

We combine the power of renewable energy and energy efficiency software for maximum cost savings. Traditional projects only install solar for self-consumption, but our solution allows us to store excess energy and sell back to the grid.

Our software

Our Building Management software integrates with your existing assets to help you understand and control your energy consumption.

  • Automatically optimize energy delivery
  • Set alarms to control devices
  • Turn on loads remotely
The benefits
Up to 30% savings
Clean, backup power
CO₂ emission reduction
Our method

We build, own and operate your energy assets and offer you energy-as-a-service.

0 upfront investment
Project Design and Execution
Paperwork and Legalities
Operations and Maintenace
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