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What powers us

We are committed to redefining society’s relationship with energy

energy worker assembling solar panel

The change we make

Demand for locally sourced renewable energy has never been greater. Yet for many, a lack of resources, know-how, and trusted partners represent significant barriers.

At Cleanwatts, we empower citizens and local businesses to play an active role in the energy transition. By combining our expertise, proprietary technology and financial capital, we build and manage renewable energy resources for communities.

Meet our team

Our 120+ member team includes venture capitalists, ex-GE executives, PhD physicists and other industry experts.

By the numbers

We serve the energy and optimization needs of over 2000 active clients across Europe, the US and Asia.

9432 T CO₂ Reduced
3.7 TB/year Data processed
2+ TWh Energy managed
22.343 Metered points
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