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Renewable Energy Community launched in Febres to support almost 1500 families in the region
14 June 20233 minutes


  • 886kW of installed power 
  • The Febres region will save 52% on their energy costs on average 
  • The project will save 388 tons of C02 emissions 
  • 1375 families will be supported with affordable and clean energy


Cleanwatts has been chosen by the town of Febres in Cantanhede, to develop a Renewable Energy Community (REC) with the company Santos e Santos. This REC will reduce energy-related costs while also combatting energy poverty among disadvantaged families in the region, with 1375 families being supported.  

This 886kW Community will install a photovoltaic power plant with a total of 1,626 panels at the headquarters of the Santos e Santos company. This follows several projects that the company has under development across Portugal and internationally with industrial operations REC. The public launch of the project was held on Monday, June 12th, and was attended by the whole community.  

Febres Renewable Energy Community Santos e Santos

With this Renewable Energy Community, members in the Febres region will reduce their energy bill by 58% (average discount compared to the estimated tariff for grid energy) and will take a significant step towards its energy independence. Around 52% of the energy consumed will come from the solar plant (self-consumption).

Febres will also become climate-positive, generating 583% more green energy than the totality of its consumption. This will also avoid the emission of 388 equivalent tons of CO2 per year and reach 683% carbon neutrality. 

José Basílio Simões, co-founder and vice-chairman of Cleanwatts said:

This Energy Community was installed in the headquarters of Santos e Santos, but will serve the entire community of Febres. It is already in full operation and ready to receive new members. In addition to allowing Santos e Santos to support disadvantaged families and those in energy poverty, it will also have a strong environmental impact. It will increase the company’s carbon neutrality and contribute to its overall energy independence.  

Energy provision is one of the great challenges for companies and industry, not only because of the costs it incurs, but also because of its ecological footprint. Energy and environmental sustainability are a concern for everyone, and Cleanwatts is committed to helping business and industry to be more sustainable and ecological.  

In addition, companies today have a strong social role that cannot and should not be neglected. In the case of a company like Santos e Santos, which is so rooted in its local community, this reality is even more evident.


Jorge Catarino, Director of the Santos e Santos company said:

Santos & Santos has been developing a series of sustainable activities in the forestry sector, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the production process and offsetting the footprint through reforestation. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the resulting energy crisis and subsequent the increase in energy prices also accelerated our pre-existing desire to create a Renewable Energy Community.  

Santos & Santos’ interest in establishing a REC matched perfectly with Cleanwatts’ availability and professionalism. The process, from the beginning to implementation, took only a few months. Our expectation for this project is that it will grow further with the expansion of its network of members and will play its role as a producer of clean, cheap energy, with very good accessibility. This will also allow the reduction of the carbon footprint in the country and the region, while reducing the cost of energy for the company and the community.

Raquel Grilo, President of the Febres Parish Council added:

It is with great satisfaction that the Febres Parish Council sees the launch of this Renewable Energy Community to produce green energy here in Febres, in our community and for our community.  

We are very optimistic about this project and hope that it will grow to include even more local entities, companies, other parish councils, IPSS, municipalities, communities and citizens. We therefore appeal to all parts of our community to get involved and participate, as we all have a role in the energy transition that we should not neglect, in addition to the possibility of contributing to improving the lives of the people of our region and to the fight against energy poverty.  

Febres Council is happy to be part of this project, in partnership with Cleanwatts, a company with proven experience in the development of these solutions, and to be one of the pioneers of the new phase of the project 100 Villages, the 100 Villages A++. Today is a very important day for Febres, which will still harvest many fruits of what we are sowing here today”.

It is expected that the Febres Energy Community could grow up to an installed power of 1536.1 kWp (making a total of 3135 solar panels), allowing the accession of new members. Whoever is interested in being part of this community may request information through the email

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