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Cleanwatts to create a REC with Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding and support the energy needs of more than 700 families
10 November 20233 minutes

Cleanwatts is preparing a Renewable Energy Community (REC) with Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding (AES). The location is the former Mondego Shipyard in Figueira da Foz, whose objectives are “sustainability, reducing the environmental impact and costs related to the shipyard’s energy, as well as social support to combat energy poverty and families in the region”. This community will have its 1035 kW photovoltaic power stations distributed throughout various buildings of the former Mondego Shipyards, now the AES Shipyard, located on the south bank of the Mondego river. The investment will be provided in terms of equipment and installation by Cleanwatts, while AES will provide the space and infrastructure needed for the installation. 

“We’re going to install a 1035 kW photovoltaic plant, which will be integrated into a Renewable Energy Community,” explains José Basílio Simões, founder and president of Cleanwatts, adding that “in addition to supplying the shipyards with green energy at a reduced cost, we’re going to produce enough energy to enable the community to support needy families in the region who are in a situation of energy poverty.” In addition to reducing costs, through this project the shipyard will be able to produce & self-consume the equivalent of 57% of their electricity consumption during the day. Thanks to this initiative, they will become climate positive, generating 80% more green energy than their total consumption and avoiding the equivalent of 367 tons of CO2.

“The social aspect and the fight against energy poverty is one of the main aspects of Cleanwatts Renewable Energy Communities, which we hold dear and have worked hard to develop. When the client is an institution with such an important role with such deep and long-standing links to the community, this aspect becomes even more relevant,” said José Basílio Simões, giving some figures: “through this project, Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding will be able to support 708 families, with a community social tariff on average 30% lower than current market tariffs”.

“We are very happy to see that Cleanwatts deserves the trust of this emblematic shipyard in the region and in the country. This project is the result of the work we’ve been doing and the results we’ve been achieving, both in our partnerships with large companies and also on the social side. We are succeeding in the fight against energy poverty and in the fight to reduce environmental impact,” he said, adding: “we’re proud to be able to count on the partnership with Atlanticeagle in the development of our mission.”

Although the project is still in its infancy, there are already plans for the near future: “the Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding Shipyard Energy Community will start with the installation of panels on the roofs of the shipyards, after which Cleanwatts will find consumers in the region, preferably with need of support and consumption profiles complementary to those of the producer,” explains José Basílio Simões. “The Community will then be able to grow with new producer members who have roofs or land with the capacity to expand the installed photovoltaic power,” he concludes.

Bruno Costa, manager of Atlanticeagle, guarantees that this project is very important for the shipyard because of the “advantages for the community, the environment and ecological sustainability. The act of giving to the community invariably ensures that we will receive benefits in return, although the nature of these benefits can differ. Starting with this project is the proper way to fulfill our duty to contribute to society, which is also an obligation,” he says.” he says.

“Supporting society and assisting those among us who are most vulnerable is not only a part of our mission; it is woven into the very fabric of our DNA. to contribute to energy sustainability, which is increasingly important for the future of the next generations,” says Duarte Sousa, manager of Atlanticeagle, adding that he hopes “to be able to support as many people as possible and contribute to improving the lives of needy families in the region. And to drive forward the agenda for decarbonization and energy efficiency.”

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