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Kiplo Energy Communities

The Leading Platform for Renewable Energy Communities and Collective Self-Consumption

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Best in class Energy Community Management

Developers throughout Europe rely on our track record of acquiring new clients and revolutionary platform to continually generate income from renewable energy communities. Make use of Cleanwatt’s Energy Community Management tools to guarantee your project’s long-term success.

Turnkey Management

We offer TSO and DSO data integration, billing and remittance, customer service and engagement, reporting, and client churn replacement in addition to other services. Additionally, you can consult our policy experts for advice in both new and established markets.

Universal Access to Renewable Energy

Affordable clean energy for all: Cleanwatts will support you in meeting project criteria and achieving your social objectives, whether you’re aiming to reach other marginalised populations or are targeting low-to-moderate income users.

Designed to maximize engagement

• Users can personalize their experience by modifying settings related to their energy devices or consumption preferences.

• Users can easily grasp their energy consumption, production, and savings.

• The application can provide useful insights for optimizing settings and understanding usage patterns.

Kiplo Flex empowers grids to manage small loads better

Our flexibility platform enables load management within energy communities – consumption is optimized on a per device basis across the entire group. Members can participate in demand response programs to increase the revenue for the community. Compatible with a multitude of devices, the list is increasing every day.

Join or Start an Energy Community

Kiplo Energy Communities is part of the Cleanwatts Energy OS: Learn more about our suite of software products for end-to-end energy management

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