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Cleanwatts Kiome

Your all-in-one energy management solution

Unlock New Revenue Streams and Boost Engagement with Device-Level Flexibility

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The way to manage all your energy needs in one place

Energy Flow Visualization: Displays energy flows and sharing among community members.

Unified Management Hub: Centralizes management of home batteries and EV charging.

Community Energy Engagement: Encourages participation with insights into shared energy resources.

Optimized Energy Utilization: Provides real-time data for efficient energy usage and storage.

AI based smart-charging for EVs

Cost-Optimized Charging: Automatically adjust schedules to charge at lower rates, maximizing savings.

Solar-Priority Charging: Prioritize solar usage for charging, promoting clean energy consumption.

User-Centric Comfort: Follows user preferences, ensuring a seamless and comfortable charging.

Effortless Charging Management: Provides an easy and seamless interface to manage and monitor charging schedules.

Intelligent battery management

Demand Response: Enable demand response participation, balance the grid during peak times.

Energy Storage Management: Provides a simple interface to manage and monitor home battery storage.

Smart Storage Optimization: Automatically adjusts storage schedules based on user preferences and grid demands.

Battery Performance Monitoring: Real-time data on battery usage and performance, aiding in informed decision-making.

Kiome is part of the Cleanwatts Energy OS: Learn more about our suite of software products for end-to-end energy management

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