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Unlock Higher Profits with Community Energy

Earn more with Cleanwatts

Start Saving Now

Self-Consumption of Solar Power for Companies (UPAC)

Full Solar Services: Expert design, installation, and management of commercial solar projects.
Reduce Costs & Meet Targets: Lower electricity expenses and align with net-zero goals through fully funded options.
Invest Wisely: Save energy and carbon while allocating capital to core operations.
Trusted Partner: Cleanwatts delivers customized solar solutions for seamless sustainable transitions.
Own Assets & Earn Revenue: Want to own assets but not manage the energy community? Cleanwatts manages community, maintenance, and solar performance, letting you earn revenue from clean energy investments.

What We Offer

Low risk investment opportunities

100% visibility over asset performance

Average of 8% to 12% internal rates of return (IRR)

Long-term monthly payment schedules (10-20yrs)

We take care of everything from origination to daily operations, community transactions, portfolio management, reporting, and analytics

Enhanced Energy Efficiency for Businesses

Optimize Efficiency & Responsibility: Cleanwatts boosts your operational efficiency and environmental stewardship with top-tier energy optimization.
Reduce Energy Costs: Lower energy consumption through precise tuning of equipment, cutting costs and environmental impact.
Strategic Energy Management: We collaborate on strategic investments to optimize energy use, enhancing financial gains and competitive edge.
Beyond Cost-Saving: Cleanwatts views energy management as a strategic asset beyond mere cost reduction.
Choose Advanced Solutions: Select Cleanwatts for cutting-edge solutions that improve your business’s sustainability and efficiency.

Invest in a local community with Crowd Lending

Invest with GoParity: Invest in energy communities for stable, secure returns via crowd-lending.
Local Benefits: Create an energy community locally for savings and clean power.
Community Empowerment: Boost local economies with financial opportunities and energy independence.
Sustainable Investing: Finance clean energy projects to meet sustainability goals.
Risk Management: Rely on GoParity’s risk assessments for safer energy investments.

Why Choose Cleanwatts?

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond advanced renewable energy solutions. Leveraging Cleanwatts’ global expertise, we deliver world-class service directly to you.

Choose Cleanwatts for thorough consultations, customized proposals, and fully funded installations that provide immediate savings without any financial burden.

With Cleanwatts, you’re not just buying a service; you’re partnering with experts dedicated to guiding your business through the Energy Transition. Start your journey toward a sustainable future—choose Cleanwatts to power your success.

Kisense is part of the Cleanwatts Energy OS: Learn more about our suite of software products for end-to-end energy management

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