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Illiance Agenda

Project # 46

Consortium leader | BOSCH TERMOTECNOLOGIA S.A.

The ILLIANCE Agenda addresses the carbon neutrality associated with the buildings sector, through the design, development and industrialization of complementary technologies, associated with 3 fundamental pillars:

  • comfort,
  • sustainability.

These innovative technologies are integrated into a series of projects, which embody the following integrated vision

  • "Healthy, comfortable and sustainable buildings".

Financing Program: Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP)

Dimension: Resilience

Component: C5 - Capitalization and Business Innovation

Measure: RE-C05-i01.01| Agendas/Mobilizing Alliances for Reindustrialization

Eligible investment: 116.263.810,32 €

Financial support: 56.695.804,73 €

Start date: 01.10.2021

End date: 31.12.2025

Beneficiary Entity: Cleanwatts

Investment Beneficiary: 180 201,00 €

Project overview

The ILLIANCE Agenda is made up of five thematic Work Packages, in a comprehensive intervention plan that includes the entire value chain associated with the Habitat field. The projects that make up the Agenda's Program contribute to developing nine main innovative macro products (PPS) in a holistic and integrated manner:

PPS1: Heat pumps
PPS2: H2 combustion equipment for heating
PPS3: Furnace for burning gas mixtures including H2
PP54: Ultra-compact electronic equipment
PPS5: iNergy & iPpower
PPS6: I4roofs and Passive House Solutions
PPS7: OLI Health & Air2.0
PPS8: Thick ceramic tiles
PPS9: Sensing home


The proposed solutions aim to improve the energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability of buildings through five strategic objectives:

  • Contributing to the dual digital and climate transition;
  • Improving the competitiveness of industrial processes;
  • Preparing for the energy transition through electrification and hydrogen;
  • Improving energy management in buildings, taking into account renewable dependencies;
  • Contribute to increasing the comfort, health, well-being and safety of people living in buildings.

More information available at: |

For more information on the portuguese PPR, please go to:

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