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Community Energy.

That’s What Powers Us

Cleanwatts is the leader in building and managing Renewable Energy Communities (REC).

Renewable Energy Communities

Renewable Energy Communities are paving the way for a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future by enabling everyone to become an active contributor to the global energy transition.

Our approach

We build and manage energy communities.

By combining our unique digital offering with zero capex solutions, we remove friction and complexity from the integration of distributed energy resources at the heart of the energy transition.

Our initiative

In 2021 we launched 100 Villages, an award-winning project to fight energy poverty by delivering a­ffordable clean energy to over 25,000 families in rural Portugal.

Members benefit from around 30% lower energy prices by purchasing locally sourced energy from prosumers, who in turn can increase their returns by trading surplus energy within the community.

How do they work?
We believe in the power of the community to meet today’s rapidly evolving energy needs. So how does a REC work?

We build smart ecosystems that intelligently deliver access to affordable clean energy to expedite the global energy transition for local communities around the world.

Powered by  Cleanwatts™ OS

At the heart of our energy communities, the Cleanwatts™ OS seamlessly connects the dots between generation, storage, consumption, trading and balancing of energy.

Our Impact

In August 2021, Cleanwatts inaugurated Portugal’s first renewable energy community in a small town called Miranda do Douro.

Today we have established more than 100 energy communities across Europe with an aggregated solar PV capacity of over 50MW. We are now expanding across the world.

50+ MWp
Total Capacity
Community members
9432 t
C02 Reduced
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