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Cleanwatts™ OS

One platform to manage all your energy needs

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Cleanwatts OS - Digital solutions that bring clean energy to everyone

Cleanwatts makes clean energy affordable for all with digital tools that nurture energy communities with smart resource utilization.

Cleanwatts OS Benefits

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Multi-site energy management: all transactions in one place
Energy efficiency: effortless energy cost savings
Small loads flexibility: self-balancing energy communities


Everything in one place for managing community energy. Handles tracking of energy flows, makes invoicing easy, and saves time.
The simplest way to keep energy accounts accurate and manage your community efficiently.


Our Efficiency Platform helps save around 10% on energy costs by putting all energy flows like EV charging and battery storage management in one place. A highly versatile system that easily adapts to your systems.


Automatically schedules energy use to prioritize solar consumption. Additional smart management of devices like home storage batteries and EVs can support the wider grid. Intelligent control reduces grid congestion and can provide additional income.

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Front of the meter

Virtual Power Plant: 

  • Flexibility services
  • Energy markets (buy/sell)

Community management: 

  • Management of all assets (generation, consumption, storage)
  • Inter/intra community settlements

Behind the meter

UI for C&I members: 

  • Behind the meter energy management & efficiency

UI for residential members: 

  • Behind the meter energy management & efficiency for consumers/prosumers
Cleanwatts OS Modules

Learn more about our suite of software products for end-to-end energy management

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