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A Match Made in Heaven: Why the Quinta do Vale Pousado Estate said ‘I do’ to Renewable Energy
11 August 20233min reading time


The Quinta do Vale Pousado Estate is a wedding and event space located in Penacova, in the district of Coimbra, in Portugal. This idyllic rural venue hosts gatherings of over 400 people, with multiple event spaces, gardens and a waterfall, surrounded by lush nature.

With the aim of reducing their energy costs and reducing their ecological footprint, the estate considered different options to integrate renewable energy at their facilities. As part of the ‘100 Villages’ project, the Quinta do Vale Pousado decided to create a Renewable Energy Community (REC) in partnership with Cleanwatts.



Quinta do Vale Pousado Estate decided to install a 67 kWp photovoltaic plant with 140 solar panels. The project was funded through GoParity, an impact finance platform which connects investors with sustainably aligned projects where they can use their money for good. Cleanwatts managed all aspects of the project, from the proposal and planning to the installation, and management of the community.

The PV panels will supply clean electricity for the buildings, which will be managed through Cleanwatts® OS. This operating system combines the benefits of energy efficiency processes alongside the management of distributed energy assets to maximize the value of the energy produced and consumed in the community.

The OS is supported by a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution that enables the aggregation of a wide range of power loads to enable grid balancing services and flexibility through integration into distribution networks. This simple and flexible solution processes and optimizes all energy needs in real time, both at the points of consumption and in the distribution network itself.

What is a Renewable Energy Community (REC)?
A renewable energy community brings together local residents and organizations to generate, share and consume clean energy together. A community is made up of prosumers, who generate and use energy, and consumers, who consume energy. Every member of the energy community benefits from lower electricity prices and greater energy independence, all while protecting the environment.


With the help of this REC, the Quinta do Vale Pousado will produce over 108 MWh, which will reduce the estate’s energy tariff by up to 60%, while reducing the emission of almost 182 tons of CO2 per year.

What’s more, as a ‘100 Villages’ project, this energy community will also benefit around 57 disadvantaged families who will join as community members and receive clean energy at significantly reduced rates compared to the current market tariffs.

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