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ANA uses Cleanwatts™ OS to make energy billing a smooth landing
07 August 20233min reading time


ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal is part of the French group Vinci and is responsible for managing all 10 civil airports in Portugal. This management includes infrastructure, logistics, energy, and commercial spaces, among others. ANA served over 60 million passengers in 2019, and over 70 airlines use ANA airports to fly to more than 170 destinations.

ANA had the goal of obtaining detailed information on its electricity, gas and water consumption. This data would allow ANA to know exactly how much their external clients (shops, rent-a-cars, etc.) are consuming, so that they can bill them accordingly and encourage them to change inefficient behaviors.

The reason that ANA had this need was because a large amount of external consumption wasn’t billed because ANA had no way to correctly measure what each of their external clients were consuming. Also, by identifying their biggest spenders, they would be able to take action to reduce the airports’ monthly consumption.

Another challenge ANA had was reducing water leakage. Due to the airports’ large infrastructures, there was water leakage that would go undetected for large periods of time, which would result in high waste and money lost, so ANA needed a system to quickly detect this leakage and allow them to fix the issues in timely fashion.



Cleanwatts partnered with ANA to implement Cleanwatts™ OS to monitor electricity, gas and water consumption at 8 of their airports, that allied with a permanent energy management service, created a global, centralized and aggregated view of the entire energy structure.

Cleanwatts™ OS receives information directly from devices installed at over 5350 monitoring points (HVAC, offices, shops, boilers, among others), as well as integrating data from CTM (Centralized Technical Management) systems. The collected data is aggregated and made visible to end-users. This allows users to access real-time and historical consumption data from all installed monitoring points and make all sorts of analysis. This data is also used by ANA’s billing software to determine the consumption of each of their external clients.

Cleanwatts™ OS also provides ANA with customizable reports and energy management services. These reports are sent to the energy managers of each airport and contain information on communication failures and meters with high increases or decreases on their normal daily consumption.

What is Decarbonization?
Decarbonization refers to the process of reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions from various sources to combat climate change and global warming. The primary objective of decarbonization is to transition from fossil fuel-based energy and industrial systems to low-carbon or carbon-neutral alternatives. The goal is to reach a state where the net emissions of greenhouse gases are minimized or completely offset, resulting in a balance between emissions produced and emissions removed from the atmosphere. At Cleanwatts, we believe in a decarbonized future in which resilient clean energy is is decentralized, digitalized and democratized.


The implemented solution allows ANA to quickly and remotely manage the expenses of the hundreds of commercial spaces of each their airports. Today, ANA’s billing software imports the consumption data directly from Cleanwatts™ OS and can adequately bill the external clients with minimum human interaction.

Here are some key results registered since the implementation of our system:

  • 9% reduction of energy consumption related CO2 emissions.
  • 3% reduction of total electricity consumption.
  • 4% reduction of total water consumption.
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