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Powercoop International Seminar: The Vital Role of Self-Consumption
22 January 20242 minutes

Cleanwatts is pleased to announce the participation of our Energy Communities Director, Maria João Benquerença, in the Powercoop International Seminar. The event, which will take place on the 24th and 25th of January, at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, will bring together renowned experts and professionals to discuss crucial issues related to emerging Energy Communities.

The main purpose of this seminar, according to the program released by the organization, will be to present a “summary of the results previously obtained by the POWERCOOP research group”. This event aims to encourage the debate between entities, both public and private, and it is hoped that the research presented will contribute to the development of solutions to the challenges faced by the Communities. Maria João Benquerença will take part in the Plenary Session on January 24th, on “Vulnerable consumers and the energy transition”, at 11:30am. The session will be moderated by Pilar Montes, providing a meaningful platform to explore various topics in the context of Energy Communities. It will feature João Pedro Gouveia (CENSE, Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Marta Mota (PP), and Graziella Albuquerque (Revolusolar). Each will bring a unique perspective on the opportunities that Self-Consumption Communities represent in protecting the interests of the most vulnerable consumers.

EU’s directives for Energy Communities highlight self-consumption as a way of empowering end consumers and facilitating the participation of various groups and stakeholders, including municipalities and SMBs, in the creation of Energy Communities.

Our participation in the Internation Powercoop Seminar further hightlights our belief that this is a central step in the energy transition and in protecting end consumers. This event promises to be a platform for discussion and learning, bringing together a diverse range of experiences that will allow us to boost the progress of Energy Communities and contribute to the creation of innovative solutions for managing the challenges faced by these same Communities.

Learn more about the Seminar’s detailed programm here.

Energy Citizenship
Energy Community
The Vital Role of Energy Communitities in the empowerment of consumers

Read more about the Powercoop International Seminar taking place in Coimbra, on the 24th and 25th o January.

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