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Lurian Klein presented at the 'Share your Energy' conference in Prague
19 September 20223 Minutes

Lurian Klein, a Senior Innovation Developer at Cleanwatts in Portugal, was invited to deliver an insightful presentation at the “Share Your Energy” conference in Prague in 2022, focusing on empowering local communities for the energy transition.

Below is a brief summary of the presentation:

Klein highlighted Cleanwatts’ role in paving the way for renewable energy communities in Portugal and other regions, following the EU directive on renewable energy (RED II) which was passed in 2019.

Klein introduced the Cleanwatts OS, a modular, interoperable, and localizable platform enabling the implementation of renewable energy communities across various geographies and contexts. This system operates both in front of the meter (managing community assets and monetizing them in different markets) and behind the meter (managing assets within communities for Energy Efficiency and optimization).

A key aspect of the Cleanwatts approach is our business model, which allows members to join renewable energy communities without upfront investment. Klein elaborated on the significant savings and benefits for both “anchor clients” (main prosumers) and regular consumers within these communities. Anchor clients, for instance, can save up to 60% on energy costs, while regular consumers can access electricity about 30% cheaper than grid prices.

Klein presented a case study of an industrial manufacturer in Portugal, showcasing the economic benefits of joining a Cleanwatts energy community. The client installed 630 kW of PV capacity, leading to significant savings and additional revenue from selling surplus electricity to community members. Over 15 years, this could result in returns of around €340,000, with potential additional returns of €750,000 over the PV panels’ lifespan.

Finally, Klein touched on the expansive potential for renewable energy communities, noting the large number of municipalities in Europe alone that could benefit from this model. Cleanwatts, a growing clean tech company, operates in Europe, the US, Brazil, and Japan, boasting a team of 80 people, over 2,000 active clients, and more than 100 renewable energy communities in the pipeline.

In conclusion, Lurian Klein’s presentation at the “Share Your Energy” conference, hosted by Nano Energies, offered a comprehensive and compelling overview of Cleanwatts’ innovative approach to fostering renewable energy communities. We extend our gratitude to Nano Energies for facilitating the conversation, and their support of a broader dialogue on renewable energy and community empowerment.

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