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Introducing the Cleanwatts Academy: Empowering Your Research in Green Technologies
22 November 20225 Minutes

Introducing the Cleanwatts Academy: Empowering Your Research in Green Technologies

Cleanwatts is excited to launch the Cleanwatts Academy, a groundbreaking research program designed specifically for European master’s and doctoral candidates passionate about making a real impact in the energy sector. This initiative offers a unique platform for students to dive deep into innovative and disruptive research topics related to the energy transition, providing a pathway to complete their thesis projects or internships with us.

The academy is not just about research; it’s about creating a bridge between academic aspirations and the practical challenges of accelerating the transition to green technologies. At Cleanwatts, we understand the critical role that young, talented researchers play in shaping a sustainable future. The Cleanwatts Academy is our commitment to supporting these future green leaders by integrating them into the heart of real-world research and development (R&D) projects.

How to Get Involved

For Master’s and PhD Candidates:

If you’re currently pursuing a master’s or doctoral program and are looking for an opportunity to align your thesis with impactful research in the energy sector, the Cleanwatts Academy offers a dynamic environment to do just that. Whether your interest lies in energy citizenship, smart distribution networks, virtual power plants (VPPs), or any other area related to the energy transition, we provide the support and resources to bring your research to life.

Opportunities and Support:

Selected candidates will gain firsthand R&D experience, working alongside our team of experts in one of Europe’s leading climate technology companies. This includes access to our extensive network of strategic R&D partnerships, involvement in EU-funded projects, and the chance to contribute to the development of renewable energy communities.

Application Process:

Interested students are invited to apply by submitting a proposal outlining their research interests and how they align with the energy transition themes we are actively exploring. The selection process will be competitive, focusing on the potential impact and innovation of the proposed research.

Why Cleanwatts Academy?

  • Real-world Impact: Directly contribute to accelerating the energy transition with your research.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive mentorship and support from leading experts in the field.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Benefit from our collaborations with key R&D entities and be part of EU-funded projects.
  • Innovative Environment: Engage with a community dedicated to innovation and sustainability in energy.

We are on the lookout for ambitious students eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible in green technology research. If you’re ready to take your academic journey to the next level and contribute to a sustainable future, the Cleanwatts Academy awaits your application.

Join us in this exciting venture to redefine the future of energy. Together, we can train the green leaders of tomorrow and make a lasting impact on our world.

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