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GRETA project results - Update
30 November 20233 Minutes

The GRETA project, funded by the Horizon 2020 program, has shed new light on the concept of energy citizenship, especially highlighting Portugal’s role as a leader in active energy participation. This project, spearheaded by experts like our own Lurian Klein, sought to define and understand the conditions fostering energy citizenship, a key factor in the energy transition.

Energy citizenship is about active involvement in energy systems, which can manifest in various forms like climate activism, joining renewable energy communities, or opting for greener energy suppliers. Portugal stands out in this domain, with its citizens showing high levels of engagement and knowledge in sustainable energy practices.

GRETA’s research involved extensive case studies and a multinational survey across the EU, revealing diverse profiles of energy citizens. These ranged from the indifferent to the highly knowledgeable, each playing a distinct role in the energy transition. Interestingly, Portuguese citizens were found to be among the most active, with many falling into the categories of committed and informed energy participants.

This high level of involvement in Portugal may be attributed to the transposition of European directives on collective self-consumption and renewable energy communities, spearheaded in 2018. These policies have not only encouraged participation but also created a new energy paradigm, something Cleanwatts has been actively involved in through the construction and management of renewable energy communities.

The GRETA project has also led to the development of tools like energy citizenship contracts and a package of public policy recommendations to overcome barriers in energy participation. These initiatives aim to empower citizens further and facilitate their involvement in the sustainable energy transition.

In conclusion, the project’s findings underscore the significance of energy citizenship in achieving environmental sustainability, energy security, and community empowerment. It highlights the need for tailored public policies and greater awareness to involve more people in this crucial transition.

Read more about GRETA’s findings and the role of energy citizenship in shaping a sustainable future here. (article in Portuguese)

Energy Citizenship
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