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Cleanwatts organizes webinar series to promote energy literacy among consumers and investors
04 April 20242 minutes

Cleanwatts, a pioneering company in Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) in Portugal, is launching a series of webinars with the aim of promoting energy literacy, empowering consumers and potential investors who want to accelerate the energy transition.

“How can we create an even more favorable context for expanding RECs in Europe?” is the name of the first session, scheduled for this Thursday, April 4, at 10am, open to all interested parties.

One of the highlights of the first webinar is the presentation of a report by Frank Bold, on Renewable Energy Communities in Europe, with a special look at Portugal’s unique position. The document also provides a set of recommendations for strengthening legislation on RECs in Europe.

It is important to strengthen the action of all those who want to be part of the energy transition, especially through participation in Renewable Energy Communities. As pioneers in their implementation, we want these webinars to be a space to empower participants, whether they are individuals or groups, from the public to the private sector.

Aron Lazarchick
Head of Growth at Cleanwatts

Next sessions already scheduled

On May 9, Cleanwatts is organizing a new webinar with the participation of Goparity, the collaborative investment platform that has already helped finance 347 impact projects, with an average annual return of 5.77%. Among these are more than a dozen Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) implemented by Cleanwatts, which has worked closely with partners such as local authorities, Private Social Solidarity Institutions and fire departments. If investors are able to become part of the REC they finance, they can also benefit from a reduction of between 15 and 20% on their energy bills.

On June 6, the Local Energy Markets Alliance will take part in the webinar to discuss the issue of integration into the Renewable Energy Communities network. Since solar energy is seen as a challenge for grid operators because it is variable throughout the day, the self-balancing RECs that Cleanwatts can implement and manage through digital solutions are a direct response.

This session will also address how Renewable Energy Communities can effectively play a positive role for the grid and how collaboration with operators is a key factor in making this model of decentralized energy production an alternative to further investment in infrastructure and can make energy cheaper for everyone.

Energy Citizenship
Energy Education
Energy Efficiency
Energy Legislation
Energy Transition
Overcoming Challenges

Renewable Energy Communities, collaborative investment or cooperation with grid operators are among the topics highlighted in the first sessions, open to all interested parties.

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