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Cleanwatts Living Lab: Innovating for Community-Powered Renewable Energy
30 August 20233 Minutes

Cleanwatts is proud to announce the launch of the Cleanwatts Living Lab, our most recent initiative aimed at redefining how communities interact with renewable energy. This dynamic testing ground is designed to develop and validate new business models, technological solutions, and social innovations with a focus on clean energy.

Central to the Living Lab is the integration of people and technology, fostering the co-creation of a sustainable energy future. Operating within current legislative frameworks, the Living Lab explores “regulatory sandboxes” to pilot innovative and disruptive solutions in a controlled environment.

The initiative empowers community members to become proactive participants in their local energy markets, influencing how they produce, consume, store, and share energy. Key benefits include:

For Community Members: Engage in local clean energy production, enhanced energy storage, and consumption flexibility. Share surplus energy, charge electric vehicles, and contribute to grid stability through auxiliary services.

For Companies: Gain a competitive edge, contribute to fighting energy poverty, and foster access to affordable essential energy services, benefiting both the environment and the economic health of communities.

These solutions are managed by Cleanwatts OS, our proprietary operating system, which integrates community energy assets and manages energy flows efficiently for smooth interaction with the wider electricity grid.

As an extension of our commitment to sustainable energy practices within the Kiplo® STEP project, the Cleanwatts Living Lab represents not just an investment in energy technology, but a step towards empowering individuals and businesses to adopt a sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Demonstration of the Cleanwatts Living Lab

Further demonstrating the impact and potential of the Living Lab, Cleanwatts is excited to host a final Webinar on Wednesday, September 6th, from 15:00 to 17:00, as part of the KIPLO STEP project. This event will showcase the results of our innovative work and provide insights into the future of renewable energy communities.

Agenda highlights include presentations from key members of the Cleanwatts team, covering topics from the KIPLO STEP project overview to energy markets, business models, and the development of market solutions from innovation projects. Speakers like Fayaz Ahmed, our Data Scientist, will delve into the Optimization Smart Engine Platform, while Carlos Patrão, Product Manager, will discuss the Product Architecture, focusing on the User Interface and Dashboard of the CW Living Lab.

This event is a significant opportunity for stakeholders, community members, and interested parties to witness firsthand the advancements made by the Cleanwatts team and to engage with the minds behind these groundbreaking developments.

To join this pivotal event and explore the future possibilities with the Cleanwatts Living Lab, register through the provided link and be part of our journey towards building a cleaner, fairer, and more sustainable future.

Learn more and join the movement at the Cleanwatts Living Lab. Visit the Kiplo® STEP project page for more information and to become part of this transformative initiative.

Learn more about Cleanwatts and the Living Lab project.

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