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Cleanwatts energy community expertise featured in the Guardian
15 September 20223 Minutes

The Guardian’s recent feature on Europe’s shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon future is about movement where local communities are at the heart of energy transformation. It’s an affirmation that Cleanwatts as part of these communities, are playing a pivotal role in forging a greener future.

This transition to renewable energy communities is more than just a technological shift; it’s a fundamental change in how we perceive and interact with energy. The Guardian’s piece emphasizes that this type of collective action is vital for achieving the EU’s climate targets. It’s a journey from reliance on centralized energy systems to embracing local, renewable sources like solar and wind energy.

Our involvement in these energy communities, as shown in the article, brings the concept of “energy citizenship” to life. We are not just passive consumers but active participants in energy management. This shift is critical as we move towards technologies like heat pumps and electric vehicles, which demand a more adaptable and resilient energy infrastructure.

Lurian Klein, a senior innovation developer at Cleanwatts, sheds light on the social interconnectedness central to these community models. “They are not just about energy; they’re about building stronger, more empowered communities.” This approach aligns with our ethos, as we focus on creating sustainable and equitable energy solutions.

As we continue to work towards a sustainable future, the recognition by The Guardian motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in community energy. It’s a journey we are proud to be part of, leading the way in Europe’s green transition.

To delve deeper into how we are contributing to Europe’s sustainable future, read the full article on The Guardian here.

Comunidade de Energia
Energy Community
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