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Championing Energy Democratization
07 December 20222 Minutes

Andreia Carreiro was recently interviewed by Visão Verde. The article talks about how her dedication to renewable energy has transitioned her from biomedical engineering to leading Cleanwatts’ innovation arm, focusing on energy communities as a cornerstone of sustainable development. Her approach is clear: transform consumers into active energy market participants.

Her work with Women Energy Portugal, an initiative to boost women’s involvement in the traditionally male-dominated energy sector, complements her vision for a balanced and diverse energy landscape. Recognizing the potential of every individual to contribute meaningfully to the energy ecosystem, Carreiro drives the concept of energy democratization forward.

Carreiro’s recognition at the European Sustainable Energy Awards is a nod to her efforts in making energy communities integral to a decarbonized future. She sees the potential for consumers’ assets, like electric car batteries, to support the grid, exemplifying how individual contributions can fortify the overall energy system.

At Cleanwatts, Carreiro’s role as Director of Strategic Innovation is pivotal in integrating smart technologies for efficient energy management. Amidst global challenges, she believes the urgency for sustainable solutions is accelerating the energy transition, a stance that Cleanwatts is proud to embody.

For a deeper dive into Carreiro’s perspectives and Cleanwatts’ role in shaping a sustainable energy future, view the interview on Visao Verde. (in Portuguese)

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