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Celebrating Innovation and Leadership: Cleanwatts' Andreia Carreiro Featured in Lider Magazine
10 November 20225 Minutes

In an inspiring acknowledgment of leadership and commitment to sustainable energy, Andreia Carreiro, our Innovation Strategy Director at Cleanwatts, has been featured in Lider magazine regarding her recieveing the European Sustainable Energy Award 2022 in the Woman in Energy category. This accolade, an initiative by the European Commission, aims to recognize women who are leading the charge in the energy transition sector.

Andreia, has already made significant strides in the field of energy, with a rich background that spans both the public sector and significant contributions to Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience Plan. Her current role at Cleanwatts, focusing on the creation and management of renewable energy communities, highlights her commitment to not just advancing sustainable energy but doing so in a way that democratizes energy access and usage.

In a recent conversation with Líder, Andreia shared her insights on the state of energy transition in Portugal and the broader European landscape. She emphasized the need for decentralized approaches that empower individuals and communities, fostering not just individual and collective self-consumption but also ensuring that these initiatives are democratic and inclusive.

Andreia’s vision extends beyond the creation of large renewable energy facilities; she advocates for the utilization and adaptation of existing structures for energy sharing and consumption. Her belief is that true corporate profitability comes from generating economic benefits for the community, ensuring that local, environmentally friendly energy is accessible at low costs, thereby promoting social cohesion and addressing energy poverty.

Addressing the challenges of balancing CO2 reduction with the preservation of landscapes, Andreia acknowledged the complexities but remained optimistic about minimizing environmental impact through thoughtful and innovative solutions.

She also highlighted the unique position of Portugal in the energy transition, recognizing the country’s vision and leadership in aiming for carbon neutrality. Yet, she pointed out the hurdles still faced, particularly in terms of bureaucracy and the need for a more integrated approach between public and private sectors.

As a member of the “Future Energy Leaders” group within the Portuguese Energy Association, part of the World Energy Council, Andreia is at the forefront of discussions on energy tariffs, system security, and the crucial role of women in leadership positions within the energy sector.

The Azores hold a special place in Andreia’s heart and vision. She sees the archipelago as a living laboratory for clean energy innovation, with significant steps already being taken towards reducing fossil fuel dependence, as seen in the Graciosa Island project that integrates wind and solar energy with battery storage.

Andreia Carreiro’s achievements and ongoing work are a source of inspiration and a beacon for the future of renewable energy communities. We at Cleanwatts are incredibly proud of her recognition and remain committed to advancing the principles of sustainable, inclusive, and innovative energy solutions.

We invite you to read the full article (in Portuguese) and join us in celebrating Andreia’s accomplishments and the promising future of sustainable energy.

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